Need 2D Animation Artist

Need 2D Animation Artist: Creating Captivating Backgrounds for Animation

In the realm of animation, the creation of captivating backgrounds is an indispensable art form that breathes life into stories. A skilled 2D animation artist specializing in background design plays a pivotal role in crafting immersive worlds that seamlessly complement the narrative. These artists possess a profound understanding of composition, color theory, and perspective, using their expertise to create detailed, mesmerizing backdrops that set the stage for characters and action. They skillfully blend artistry with storytelling, adeptly employing various tools and techniques to build intricate and visually stunning environments. Their work infuses depth and atmosphere, enhancing the overall visual experience and bringing a sense of realism to the animated tale, thereby captivating audiences with their evocative and awe-inspiring creations.

Hire the Best 2D Animation Background Artists

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What is Background Design in Animation?

Background design in animation is the art of crafting the backdrop against which characters and actions come to life. It sets the stage, establishing the environment, mood, and atmosphere. From lush landscapes to intricate cityscapes, the background design brings depth and context, enabling the story to unfold seamlessly.

Need 2D Background Artist for Animation

2D background artists are the creative minds behind the breathtaking scenery in animated projects. Their expertise lies in illustrating detailed backgrounds, employing color theory, perspective, and design principles to bring static images to life.

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27 Best 2D Background Services To Buy

When searching for top-notch 2D background services, Adee11 stands out as a notable provider. Additionally, there are numerous other expert services available, each offering unique styles and strengths. Some of these include.

Due to space limitations, I can offer a list of 27 excellent 2D background service providers for animation, each with a brief description to help you explore their offerings:

  1. Adee11: Renowned for vibrant and immersive backgrounds, Adee11 offers diverse styles tailored to various animation needs. Portfolio

  2. ArtStation: A hub for artists showcasing portfolios, ArtStation offers a range of talented background artists specializing in various styles. Find 2d Background Artist on ArtStation

  3. Fiverr: A platform hosting freelance artists with expertise in 2D background art, catering to different budget ranges and project sizes. Background Artist on fiverr

  4. Upwork: Known for a wide pool of creative talent, Upwork connects clients to skilled 2D background artists for custom projects. Background Artist on Upwork

  5. Behance: A platform by Adobe, Behance showcases portfolios of background artists, providing a glimpse into their styles and capabilities.

  6. DeviantArt: A vibrant community of artists, DeviantArt hosts numerous 2D background artists showcasing their unique talents.

  7. Pixiv: Originating from Japan, Pixiv is a thriving art community featuring diverse and intricate 2D backgrounds.

  8. Envato Studio: Offers professional design services, including 2D background art, providing access to skilled artists for high-quality projects.

  9. Toptal: Known for top-tier talent, Toptal offers screening and access to elite 2D background artists for premium projects. 2D Background Artist for Animations on Toptal

  10. ArtCorgi: Specializing in connecting clients with artists for customized artwork, including 2D backgrounds for animation.

  11. Sketchmob: A platform for commissioning skilled artists, Sketchmob offers services for custom 2D background art.

  12. Artists&Clients: Facilitating commissions between artists and clients, this platform features a variety of background artists.

  13. Artella: A collaboration platform connecting artists and animators, providing access to talented background artists for animation projects.

  14. Freelancer: Hosting a range of freelancers, this platform allows clients to find 2D background artists suitable for their specific project requirements.

  15. PeoplePerHour: Known for its diverse talent pool, PeoplePerHour offers various 2D background art services at different skill levels.

  16. AnimationStudio: An animation-focused service, providing access to skilled 2D background artists with expertise in animated backgrounds.

  17. Animation Explainers: Specializes in creating 2D backgrounds for explainer videos and offers a team of experienced background artists.

  18. Motion Mingle: Provides 2D background art services tailored to different animation requirements.

  19. Art Outsource Hub: Connects clients to a network of skilled background artists for outsourcing various art needs.

  20. Studio Pigeon: A creative studio offering 2D background art services for animation and storytelling needs.

  21. Whiteboard Animation: Specializing in whiteboard animation, this service offers customized 2D background art for these specific projects.

  22. Canny Creative: Known for its creative solutions, this service offers high-quality 2D background art for diverse animation projects.

  23. Art Farm Animation: Offers a range of 2D background art services for animation, tailored to specific project requirements.

  24. AnimatedV: Specializes in creating dynamic and visually engaging 2D backgrounds for various animation styles.

  25. Cartoon Mango: Provides customized 2D background art services for cartoons and animated series.

  26. Laguna College of Art and Design: Known for its creative solutions, this studio offers various 2D background art services/Classes for animation.

  27. ColorCuboid Studios: Specializes in crafting vibrant and visually appealing 2D backgrounds for animation projects.

Each of these services offers unique strengths, styles, and expertise in the realm of 2D background art for animation. Depending on your specific project requirements, exploring these services will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

2D Background Artist Jobs, Employment

For aspiring artists seeking opportunities, the demand for 2D background artists is significant. Various animation studios, production houses, and freelance platforms regularly seek talented individuals proficient in background design.

Who is a 2D Background Artist in an Animation Studio:

Within an animation studio, a 2D background artist is a key member responsible for creating visually compelling backgrounds that synchronize with the storyline and complement the overall visual narrative.

Hire the Best 2D Animation Background Artists:
To ensure a project’s success, it’s essential to hire the best 2D animation background artists. Look for portfolios showcasing diverse styles, attention to detail, and a keen understanding of storytelling through visuals.

How Do I Become a Background Artist/Painter?
Aspiring background artists can embark on their journey by honing their artistic skills, mastering software tools, and building a strong portfolio. They can also consider formal education in art, animation, or illustration to refine their craft.

2D Animation Background Copyright-Free Images Download:

For creators seeking background images, several platforms offer copyright-free options. Artists can access these resources for inspiration or even incorporate them into their projects without copyright constraints.

In conclusion, the role of a 2D background artist is invaluable in the world of animation. Their creative prowess in crafting stunning backdrops elevates the storytelling experience. Whether you’re an artist seeking opportunities or a production house searching for talent, understanding the significance of background design in animation is crucial for creating visually stunning and compelling narratives.

Drawing 2D Backgrounds for Animation – YouTube: Many educational resources, like YouTube tutorials, provide insights into drawing 2D backgrounds for animation. These tutorials offer valuable tips, techniques, and step-by-step guides for aspiring background artists.


The background design is an important aspect of any design project, and Illustrator is an excellent tool for creating stunning background designs. Whether you’re using gradients, patterns, textures, or gradient meshes, there are endless possibilities for creating beautiful and unique backgrounds in Illustrator.

Remember to consider the mood you want to create with your background and choose colors and textures that will help to achieve that mood. Experiment with different tools and techniques to find what works best for your design.

By following the tips and techniques outlined in this blog post, you’ll be able to create stunning background designs that will set your design projects apart.

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