Best 45 Children’s Book Illustrators in 2024

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, illustrations play a vital role in capturing young readers’ imaginations and bringing stories to life. The year 2024 has witnessed the rise of talented and creative illustrators who have breathed new life into children’s books. From whimsical characters to vibrant landscapes, these illustrators have left a lasting impression with their captivating artwork. In this article, we present the best 45 children’s book illustrators of 2024, each with their unique style and ability to transport readers to extraordinary worlds. Whether you’re seeking ethereal illustrations, heartwarming stories, or diverse artwork, these illustrators are sure to delight both children and adults alike. Join us on this journey through the imagination as we explore the remarkable works of these talented artists.

Best 45 Children’s Book Illustrators in 2023

Here is A List Of Best 45 Children’s Book Illustrators in 2024

Table of Contents

First 12 Amazing Children’s Book Illustrators

Note: Numbering does not mean that numbers lower down the list are “less professional artists”. All the artists on the list are excellent In their domain.

1. Adee11 | Best Children’s Book Illustrator

Adee11(Adnan Azeem) is a Pakistan-based illustrator and GMC Award Winner who has a remarkable ability to depict the world through children’s eyes. His illustrations are brimming with vibrant colors that perfectly capture the fun, imagination, and innocence of childhood. With each piece, Adee11 expertly conveys a range of emotions, from moments of tranquility to exhilarating adventures, mirroring the dynamic nature of children themselves if you are in search of heartwarming and delightful children’s book illustrations.

12 Best Amazing Children's Book Illustrators Amazing Children's Book Illustrators book cover design Amazing Children's Books About Artists + Creativity

In addition to his skill in children’s book illustrations and 2d background illustrations , Adee11 also excels in other creative endeavors. He is adept at creating captivating 2D animations that infuse his characters with life and movement. Through his animations, Adee11 brings an extra layer of enchantment to his already captivating illustrations.

Moreover, Adee11 possesses the talent for producing illustrated book promotional videos. He understands the importance of capturing the essence of a story and translating it into captivating visuals. His promotional videos effectively convey the magic and wonder found within his illustrations, leaving viewers eager to delve into the pages of the book, , be sure to explore Adee11’s portfolio

2. Mai Kemble

Mai Kemble’s illustrations are magical. Her young characters do exciting things like flying from playground slides and riding on swans. Kemble uses colors and textures to bring her scenes to life. Whether kids dream of being superheroes or making friends with talking animals, Kemble’s art shows them that anything is possible. If you want wondrous illustrations that spark the imagination, check out Mai Kemble’s portfolio.

Mai Kemble's illustrations

3. Penny Weber

Penny Weber is known for illustrating acclaimed children’s books that evoke strong emotions. Her characters’ faces show joy, confidence, and even grief, allowing children to connect with them on a deep level. Weber’s illustrations capture real-life moments that resonate with all kids. If you’re looking for realistic illustrations with a touch of soulfulness, explore Penny Weber’s portfolio.

Penny Weber's children's books

4. Andy Catling

Kids love Andy Catling’s adorable and expressive characters. Catling’s detailed linework brings his illustrations to life, and he enjoys creating exaggerated shapes that make his characters unforgettable. His portfolio is filled with lighthearted illustrations that invite everyone to join in on the fun. If you want fun character designs bursting with personality, check out Andy Catling’s portfolio.

Andy Catling's illustration sample for children's book

4. Katie Risor

Katie Risor’s enchanting artwork belongs in fairytales. From talking mountains to sleeping trolls, her illustrations transport readers to magical worlds. Risor pays attention to details like lighting and perspective, making her art feel authentic. Her human characters sparkle and bring joy to the page. If you’re looking for immersive and enchanting illustrations for children’s books, explore Katie Risor’s portfolio.

Katie Risor's enchanting artwork

5. Nate Fakes

Nate Fakes creates witty and humorous illustrations. His art is delightful and captures the exuberance of childhood. Fakes has worked with big clients like Disney and Scholastic, thanks to his talent and good-natured humor. His illustrations make any character exceptional, whether it’s a misbehaving reindeer or a young boy. If you want witty illustrations with a professional touch, check out Nate Fakes’ portfolio.

Nate Fakes illustrations

6. Claudia Gadotti

Claudia Gadotti’s art is breathtaking and realistic. She uses lush colors and brushstrokes to create indelible scenes. Gadotti pays attention to details, like textures and a wide range of colors, to bring her illustrations to life. Her pictures are worth more than a thousand words and captivate children with their authentic and traditional style. If you’re looking for art that children will love, explore Claudia Gadotti’s portfolio.

Claudia Gadotti's art

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7. Evgenia Malina

Evgenia Malina’s illustrations are quirky and reminiscent of Quentin Blake’s style. Her scratchy linework adds elegance and levity to her art. Malina’s choice of colors highlights the characters and brings them to the forefront. If you loved Quentin Blake’s illustrations, you’ll adore Evgenia Malina’s work. If you want quirky illustrations in the same style, explore her portfolio.

Evgenia Malina's illustration For book

8. Francesca Filomena

Francesca Filomena creates dreamy and surreal illustrations. Her use of color is impressive, evoking emotions without words. Her art invites children to explore their imaginations and enter a wondrous world. If you’re looking for dreamy illustrations with an otherworldly feel, check out Frances.

Francesca Filomena illustrations

9. YoungJu Kim

YoungJu Kim is a talented illustrator known for creating amazing artwork for children’s books. Her illustrations have a unique style that combines a keen sense of location, whimsy, and the use of wood grain. When you see her designs, you can’t help but be transported to a world of wonder. YoungJu’s character designs are also exceptional, as seen in books like “The Little Coach Engine That Could Because It Stopped Sabotaging Itself” and “Maggie Vaults Over the Moon.” If you’re looking for distinctive and magical illustrations for your picture book, make sure to check out YoungJu’s profile.

YoungJu Kim's amazing artwork for children's books

10. Talitha Shipman

Talitha Shipman’s illustrations are like rays of sunshine, no matter the season. Her warm and playful style is perfect for captivating young readers, especially those who enjoy everyday-yet-exciting adventures. Fans of classic literature will also appreciate her work, as shown in the children’s book cover featured here. Talitha’s portfolio is full of delightful surprises, so be sure to explore it when you have the chance. If you’re in need of bright and cheerful illustrations with a touch of fun, Talitha Shipman is the artist to check out.

Talitha Shipman's illustrations

11. Nicholas Child

Nicholas Child is an illustrator who brings a sense of joy and fun to every project. His unique and whimsical designs can be found in books like “Noah, Blue, and the Scooter That Flew” and “Just Henry,” where readers are transported to enchanting worlds. If you want to infuse your book with imaginative and visually captivating artwork, take a look at Nicholas’s portfolio.

12. Kseniia Kudriavtseva

Kseniia Kudriavtseva is an illustrator known for creating cozy and magical scenarios. Her projects are like mini-masterpieces that belong in an art gallery. With extensive experience working for traditional publishers and indie clients, Kseniia’s best-known work can be found in the “Courageous Kids” series of picture books, featuring historical figures like Louis Armstrong and Abraham Lincoln. If you want to add a sense of sweet and joyful innocence to your book, explore Kseniia’s portfolio.

Kseniia's best-known work of picture book

Top 10 Children’s Illustrators/storyboard artist on Instagram

These top 10 children’s illustrators and storyboard artists on Instagram offer a diverse range of artistic styles and creative contributions. From Almu Redondo’s attention to detail and mood-setting color choices to Amelia Lorenz’s vibrant mix of comics and sketches, each artist brings their unique talent to the platform. Butch Hartman, Kent Osborne, and Chris Sanders have made significant contributions to the animation industry, while Wes Louie, Jordan Koch, Robert Kalafut, Caroline Director, and Alex Lanier showcase their exceptional skills through their impressive artwork. These artists inspire and captivate both young and old with their imaginative creations.

1. Almu Redondo

Almu Redondo is a talented illustrator with a diverse style. Her drawings and sketches range from character renderings to ethereal landscapes and digital paintings. She pays great attention to detail, particularly in her ink drawings of environments and architecture. Almu’s color choices set the mood for her artwork, showcasing her mastery as a classical illustrator and storyboard artist.

Almu Redondo drawings

2. Amelia Lorenz

Amelia Lorenz is a storyboard artist who works for Disney. Her Instagram feed offers a vibrant mix of comics, storyboards, life updates, doodles, and character sketches. You’ll find both finished digital works and basic ink sketches that provide insight into her process and style.

3. Butch Hartman

Butch Hartman is a YouTuber, animator, and illustrator, best known as the executive producer of Nicktoons’ The Fairly OddParents. He has also created shows like Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast, Danny Phantom, and T.U.F.F. Butch Hartman owns Billionfold Inc., a production company that serves as the hub for his shows.

4. Kent Osborne

Kent Osborne is not only a storyboard artist but also a writer, director, actor, producer, and lyricist. He has made creative contributions to the SpongeBob SquarePants movie and series, as well as The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Regular Show. Kent has also written for Camp Lazlo and lent his voice to characters in Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens.

5. Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders is an American animation film director, producer, screenwriter, voice actor, illustrator, and animation director. He co-wrote and co-directed Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, where he also voiced the character Stitch. Chris Sanders is known for his work on Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon franchise, co-directing the first two films with Dean DeBlois.

6. Wes Louie

Wes Louie is a talented storyboard artist whose work speaks for itself.

7. Jordan Koch

Jordan Koch is a storyboard artist who collaborates with Nickelodeon. His style might seem familiar, as he has worked on various Nickelodeon productions. On Instagram, you’ll find quick sketches, occasional doodles, storyboards, digital renderings, and comics. Jordan’s account is a source of inspiration for cartoon fans and aspiring storyboard artists.

8. Robert Kalafut

Robert M. Kalafut, based in LA, is a West coast artist with experience in film, advertising, toy design, and animation. His work includes abstract portraits and showcases his versatility as an artist.

9. Caroline Director

Caroline Director’s storyboarding has been featured in popular productions like SpongeBob SquarePants and Looney Tunes. Her Instagram account is a treat for SpongeBob fans, featuring storyboards, short comic strips, original illustrations, and character designs. Caroline’s work includes finished digital renderings and a variety of sketchbook drawings, offering a glimpse into her artistic process.

10. Alex Lanier

Alex Lanier is a self-taught artist and graduate of F.I.U. School of Architecture. With a background in illustration, concept art, and storyboards, Alex has over 15 years of experience as a professional artist. His work has been featured in various publications, showcasing his talent and expertise.

Other Best 18 Iconic Children’s Book Illustrators

1. Dana Regan

Dana Regan is an acclaimed children’s book illustrator who has worked with top publishers like Scholastic, Random House, and HarperCollins. Her portfolio is filled with sweet and wholesome pictures that celebrate diversity and the value of learning from one another. If you’re looking for heartwarming and inclusive artwork for children of all backgrounds, be sure to check out Dana Regan’s portfolio.

Dana Regan's portfolio

2. Taylor Barron

Taylor Barron’s art is characterized by its vibrant colors and enchanting charm. With a background in motion graphics and animation, Taylor’s illustrations capture the mood of each scene with grace and attention to detail. From whimsical characters like a gap-toothed monk-in-training to serene wintry landscapes, Taylor’s portfolio is filled with ethereal illustrations that have plenty of charm. If you’re in search of captivating artwork, Taylor Barron’s portfolio is worth exploring.

illustration from Taylor Barron's portfolio

3. Sandie Sonke

Sandie Sonke’s portfolio is a delightful visual experience filled with cheerful and appealing art. Her clean lines and limitless personality shine through in every piece. Scrolling through her artwork is like sipping a steaming mug of hot chocolate or watching adorable golden retriever puppies on YouTube. It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, brightening your day. If you’re looking for feel-good illustrations to warm your heart, Sandie Sonke’s portfolio is a must-see.

Art From Sandie Sonke's portfolio

4. Leo Lionni

Leo Lionni is a well-known author and illustrator of children’s books. He used collage and playful shapes to create his illustrations, which often featured animals. His books, such as “Inch by Inch” and “Frederick,” have been translated into many languages and remain popular today.

5. Vashti Harrison

Vashti Harrison is a talented author, illustrator, and filmmaker. Her book “Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” became a bestseller, introducing children to the stories of inspiring African American women. Harrison’s illustrations use a stylized style to show that bravery comes in different forms.

6. P.D. Eastman

P.D. Eastman worked as an illustrator for famous cartoon studios before dedicating himself to writing and illustrating children’s books. His colorful and cartoonish illustrations have become beloved classics, with titles like “Go Dog Go” and “Are You My Mother?” selling millions of copies worldwide.

7. Mitsumasa Anno

Mitsumasa Anno is a Japanese author and illustrator known for his wordless picture books. His detailed illustrations incorporate math, science, and cultural elements. Anno’s work, including books like “Anno’s Journey,” has received recognition and awards for its contribution to children’s literature.

8. Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is a renowned artist who has written and illustrated numerous books. Her personal experiences and cultural background inspire her storytelling. Polacco’s illustrations often use soft graphite and pen-and-ink drawings, with bursts of color to highlight important elements.

9. Christian Robinson

Christian Robinson is an animator and illustrator known for his work on “Last Stop on Market Street.” His illustrations feature geometric shapes and diverse characters. Robinson experiments with different mediums and techniques to create unique illustrations.

10. Erin Stead

Erin Stead is an acclaimed illustrator based in Michigan. She collaborates with her husband, Phillip Stead, on many children’s books. Stead’s illustrations involve a multi-step process, including sketching and woodblock printing, resulting in unique and captivating artwork.

11. Tomie DePaola

Tomie DePaola is a famous author and illustrator with a distinct personal style. His illustrations often feature friendly characters and muted earth tones. DePaola’s work, including books like “Strega Nona,” has sold millions of copies and received numerous awards.

12. Brigette Barrager

Brigette Barrager is known for illustrating the “Uni the Unicorn” series. Her whimsical drawings transport readers to the fantasy world of unicorns. Barrager uses color theory and details to evoke emotions and bring characters to life.

13. Richard Scarry

Richard Scarry‘s illustrations are full of joy and humor. His books, like “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go,” are filled with colorful and busy scenes. Scarry’s attention to detail teaches children about the world around them while entertaining them with zany animals.

14. Chris Van Allsburg

Chris Van Allsburg is an accomplished author and illustrator. His illustrations, often grayscale, complement his excellent writing. Van Allsburg’s books, including “The Polar Express,” have been widely popular and adapted into successful films.

15. Sven Nordqvist

Sven Nordqvist is a Swedish author and illustrator known for the “Pettson and Findus” series. His warm illustrations bring the countryside adventures of an old man and his talking cat to life. Nordqvist’s attention to detail and realistic expressions add depth to his characters.

16. Dan Santat

Dan Santat is a rising star in the author-illustrator world. His charming and lovely 2015 book, “The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend,” won the Caldecott Medal, and he continues to produce excellent work that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of children’s book illustrations.
Santat’s imagination runs wild on the page, giving life to totally new imaginary creatures with recognizable thoughts and feelings. He uses color and shape to appeal to a child’s sense of wonder. For example, in “Beekle,” a tree fans out across two pages, and on the tip of each branch is a tiny star. While adults might see this as unrealistic, children see magic in his illustrations and relate to the story more deeply because of the whimsy in his art.

17. Nicole Rubel

Although she may not be a household name, Nicole Rubel‘s illustrations are familiar to most families. She is best known for illustrating the classic children’s series “Rotten Ralph,” which includes around 20 books. Rubel’s style is entrancingly humorous.
The facial expressions she depicts on Rotten Ralph and his child-owner, Sarah, convey more depth than the deadpan story describes. This gives readers the feeling of being in on an inside joke with the characters. Additionally, the clothing she draws on Sarah and her family is outlandish and hilarious, adding another layer of humor. Rubel’s illustrations bring layers of intrigue to the “Rotten Ralph” series, and it’s no wonder she has received numerous awards for her work.

18. William Steig

William Steig‘s body of work is large and varied. He has written and illustrated childhood classics such as “Doctor De Soto,” “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble,” “CDB,” “Gorky Rises,” and “Amos & Boris.” He also wrote the book that inspired the DreamWorks series, “Shrek!” In 1982, he was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award for illustration.
Steig’s illustrations are fairly simple and not overly stylized. They are accessible to children because they almost look like something they themselves could have drawn with a bit of practice. The lines aren’t always straight, the circles are wobbly, and the ink marks are scratchy in places. Steig’s appeal as an illustrator is his ability to bring the humanity of his characters to life through his perfectly imperfect art. The magic contained in his books is depicted plainly, enlivening the possibility of everyday magic in children’s minds.

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